Potty training...in the rain


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hello everyone! i wrote last week about my new scared little doxie that i just adopted and he is doing much, much better in that department...now i'm hoping you can help me with another issue.

seems he will not poop outside in the rain...no matter what! we go out together, stand in the rain and he will have a piddle (our word) but then run straight for the door. we use a leash and no matter how many treats are provided, how long we stand out there together, how many positive & happy praises i give, nothing makes him go...he just stands there turtled in the rain.

he's a rescue with severe scared tendancies, so any little notion of me being unhappy immediately goes in the wrong direction and makes things worse, but i'm at my wits end. this last two weeks since i got him has been nothing but cold and rainy.

any ideas on getting him to poop outside in the rain? has anyone on here litter trained their mini doxie before? i don't want papers or pee pads around the house, but some how litter training him seems 'cleaner'. i have another doxie who will do his business in the rain (albeit reluctantly but still will go and has no accidents whatsoever).

i'm desperate...i need to get this figured out before i drive myself nuts...he, of course, is happy to poop on my floor in the dry, warm office :)

Sorry I am not going to be any help, as my 1 yr old, is still not completely dry.

If I crate him at night he is fine, but for the last 2 weeks I have left him out of the crate and he is back to pooping EVERY morning :mad: Now we have some fine weather the back door can be left open and we haven't had any accidents for ages, as long as he can get out! (Which is I know is the wrong thing to do).

I used training mats, (these have now gone as that is what I have been advised to do by our dog trainer) and he picked that up easily so I would say you would do the same for litter training.... I have never had a daxi before but have never had any of these problems with any of my other dogs.

Good luck