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Potty training help..


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Oct 16, 2012
Not sure if this has been posted before (i didnt see any other post)

But, I'm having a bit of an issue potty training my puppy.

I have a pee pad in the area he usually makes a accident in yet he wont go to it anymore since i put it there. He just chooses another place to eliminate on.

Occasionally he will use the pad, but thats on a rare moment.

He goes just fine when i take him out, which is every 2-2 1/2 hrs. Then will come in and pee on the floor (not right away, usually in about 2-3 mins of coming inside)

He sleeps fine through the night in a kennel without problems, so night time isnt a issue.

Any tips to help during the day to potty train him (i dont want to keep using the pads if i dont have to) will be highly appreciated.

I also forgot to mention.. I do take him out after play/feeding time as well.
I would put the potty pad in front of the door you take him to go potty outside. His bladder will get stronger to be able to old it longer to eventually do away with the potty pad. So this way if he's gotta go he will goto the door to let you know eventually. I hope I explained this ok. Be patient!
Good Luck. :D
I've thought about trying that, we don't have a lot of room by the door :/ (its right next to a bedroom an opens to a small alcove/bathroom area) so we might try that to help along with the process.
The quicker the better hah! :)

I appreciate the advice :)
We're having potty problems, too. Eight month old Bree (male) does great outside, 'marking' everywhere. But he will still lift his leg in the house. I have read that doxies have a hard time with potty training. Guess our boy is true to the breed...:(
I read that too. Goodness, my boy isn't marking yet. I'm not looking forward to it:eek: lol.
Good luck with your boy :)
I'm not sure how old Jax is but in my limited experience (!) 5 months seems to be the "magic" age. This has applied to my GSP's and dachsie. However I don't reckon they are 100% trained until 7 months :eek: Perhaps that's my inability to house train them properly. :mad: Lottie has now reached 5 mths and will usually ask to go out, although that's not to be relied on. In good weather we leave the door open and she does put herself out - 100%. However if its raining all that goes out the window WE DON'T DO RAIN!!! Just be patient, don't scold him over accidents and I'm sure it will all come right.
Jax is 8 1/2 weeks. He just started whining to go out yesterday :) If i get him out in time he makes it out just fine. if i dont notice (he does it low, sometimes its hard to hear it) Then the accident happens.

He's actually the hardest I've had dealt with personally to house break. I've had a mini doxie, labs, and a GSD that all were potty trained pretty easy. He's proven to be hard headed lol :) But very slowly making progress.
Thanks :)

Oh forgot from your last post, Jax LOVES rain, even baths! (thank goodness) so no issues going out, except i get all wet :/
Oh, and i never scold over accidents either. I learned along time ago with my first puppy it doesnt work. Only if i catch him in the act do i tell him no, then take him out and patiently wait till he finally goes. Then highly praise :)
One trick I did with Nalla when she was a baby (my big dog) was I leashed her to me when I was in the house. This way as SOON AS I saw the hint that she was going to pee or poop we went outside. It was also really good with traning sit and whatnot.

I have heard that Doxies are THE HARDEST dog to house train.
I did that to with my other dogs as well. I wanted to do that with him as well, but i cant find any collar thats small enough for him :( the one i have just barely fits. He'll slip right out. So i'm just doing what i can for now till he is a bit bigger to do that.
Haha, I won't. But its alright either way :) He thinks he's a cat. He acts like my kitties.
I know my girls took awhile to train and Linus is six months and he dos well with peeing but not pooping. He follows my girls out every time one goes out so he is going. We used to take him out say the command potty and praise him. Then he stopped wanting to do that and we let him out off leash every few hours I have at least one dog going out around that time. I would say to ditch the pee pee pads. Anyone I know who has used the has had trouble getting heir dog to go outside without one and they tended to go on soft spots in the house like rugs. I also have part of my Ouse gated so no one has free reign of the whole house. I have noticed as my girls have gotten older if the weather is really bad daisy will sneak off to my room and pee so with the gate she cannot get to that area. I also kennel all my dogs when I have to leave them and my girls get kennel end at night.
Jax is 5 months now.
He has mainly stopped using the pee pads now. I still leave one down for the times my back is soo bad I cant walk him out. When my husband is at work, and I'm home alone its all I can do till he gets off work. If i had a yard, I wouldn't though, I'd be able to just let him out. But for now, till we move, I have to walk him to have him go outside.

He's gotten much better with the potty training. Lately he only has 1 accident every now and then. We just gotta work better on the timing to fully get it done. I heavily praise him when he goes. :)

I don't kennel him when we leave, but I do make sure he has done both before we leave. He does really well while we are gone. Sometimes we are gone 2 or 3 hours (small town not much to do haha) He sleeps in a kennel though, he loves to. He even goes to it and wait for me to open it when I say bed time!
Constantly tethered to me and crated bedtimes and when we leave the house. We have only had a few accidents. It can be a pain to keep both eyes on him all day every day, but its paying off.

I am jealous thoug. I wish Cricket liked water. I live in Washington state and he really hates the rain lol! I bought him a cheap rainy day sweater and I think thats helped, but sometimes it takes him forever to poop outside because he just constantly charges the door and tries to go back in. :( And this is during times when I KNOW he has to poop. Like after waking up in his crate.