potty headache


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I have an approx 5 year old female daschund. I have to keep her kenneled at night and if I leave her because she keeps going potty in the house. At first she was just pooping in the house. Then we moved to a new house and she started peeing as well. Mostly she chooses to potty in my youngest sons room. Recently, the last 4-5 nights specifically, she has been pooping in her kennel at night. For a second, I thought maybe she was getting into some of the kids Easter candy and it was messing with her tummy. But then today, after she had been outside 2 times, she went poop in my sons room. I also found poop in her kennel again. I can't keep doing this. I don't know what to do. I cannot let a dog run my life. And I cannot handle potty in the house. She doesn't have any other behavior issues. She is a very sweet dog.


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Can you give us other information that you are aware of.

Where there dogs that lived there before? This other room. was it a nusery or baby or young children? elderly ect? Have you added any new Children to you family other than moving???

Dogs in general and mostly doxies can and will base there behavior on smell. If somthing has changed being there enviroment "their smell" has been removed and replaced by somthing else. and being you Doxie is 5 years old I can see and understand this type of behavior.

As for the pooping in the crate. I find this to be very much a deliberate doxie act of disapproval.

Let us know and we'll go from there.