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Portable fireplace


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Sep 25, 2010
Henry Longfellow and Oscar Meyar
The husband and I got a portable fireplace(electric) with a nice mantle around it for the living room, our house is large and old. We got it to help heat the living room...of course we got a large 52" television to sit on top of it. We got the fireplace home, plugged it in....when we turned the flames and heater on, the dogs curled up right in front of it on blankies and wouldnt move, lol. I have always said that Doxies are like heat seeking missles. It is their favorite place to be now. :D and we were worried that they would be scared of it. lol
I love the house to be warm, but not convinced Bernie does. He always lays on the wooden floor. Can't wait to we get the log fire going, shouldn't be long now as snow has been forcast for Scotland.

Glad your daxis are enjoying your new fire place :)
I love being cozied up on a cold winter's night this year I'll be snuggling up with Bella as well as my other humans lol x

Enjoy your new fire and TV x
Your Doxies will love the new fireplace. Whenever we have our FP Sam lays as close as he can to it and chews his pig skin treat. He is Hot to the touch lol.... Also Sam and Molly sleep with us and its like having two hot water bottles in the bed lol. Especially Sam who needs to sleep against someone.. In the summer he roasts me thou lol