Please help...Lyme disease??


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Hi! We have two amazing dachshunds, Cooper and Kobe. For the past couple months we have noticed Cooper, who is 5, had a swollen hock and a red lesion on his neck. Took him to the vets and they said he was fine but did have a fever. So we monitored him for the next couple days and noticed the hock swelling did not get better, he still had a fever and now the sides of his lips were swollen. Cooper had always been the hype active outgoing one never had a problem going up steps, jumping off the couch (which we have tried to stop buutttt) but now doesn't or had a hard time doing. So back to the vets we went.... Blood work other tests and nothing. They gave us a steroid to give him and also Benadryl twice a day. Which seemed to help a lil but not a cure. Now fast forward three months and he now has BOTH back hocks swollen, lips eh still here and there, base of his tail is swollen and he just seems frail lethargic...just not himself. Our vet seems stumped and so are we as well as devastated because he defiantly seems to be in pain here and there.

Has anyone had these symptoms in their fur baby?? After research and research it is kind of sounding like lyme disease although he has had all his shots. We just are looking for answers, advise, help....
I have nothing for you but I wanted to say I am so sorry for what you and your babies are going through and I hope someone has some helpful thoughts for you!

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Ask your vet if your pup could have anaplasmosis, also a tick borne disease, but does not show up on the Lyme blood test. Symptoms are painful joints, limping, lethargy, reduced appetite. It is treated with an antibiotic, spelled something like doxycycline.
Sorry I don't have any advice either as I haven't experienced this, send you both hugs though and hope your little one is feeling better soon.
Hi, I wondered if you ever got an answer to this issue. Our Charlie hocks have been swollen, off and on, for at least six months. The vet has tried steroids, antibiotics, creams and now laser treatments. He does start to lick the hock to the point that it got infected in August.... Thank you for any ideas.