Physical Conditioning


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Ok, so my 3 year old tweeny dachshund adn I get regular excersize, he goes on doggy play dates 2-3 times a week, and we do 1-4 miles a day, depending on the weather(he refuses to go out in snow). So with all the good weather we've been having up till this week, The dog and I pushed it and walked to the river and back which is about 7 miles.

I know he can comfortably, even with his winter pudge travel 4 miles, but I was prepared to carry him at some point... but nope, the dog did just fine! We had one incident with a sticker inbetween some toes but I got it out basically as soon as he picked it up. It took us 3.5 hours to go and back because I wasn't sure exactly how to get there...

SO, my question, I'm planning a hiking trip which is about 9 miles for spring, it should take us, at a nice lesiurely pace, about 4.5 hours to walk that distance including breaks... do you think I can just stay on my current walking schedual and he should be fine for a trip like that? How far is too far for a dachshund?
Dogs are made for movements. We havent got your exercise schedual and our 2 year old went for a 5 hour walk in an national park with us last summer. I think you will be fine :) But I like your training schedual. We must start soon because we are taking our hunting-exam soon and will go for hunting with Alf. Then both him and we humans must be in good condition :)
walking is great exercise for dogs, even doxies. Dog's will typically go and go and not stop. If you are concerned it is too much or some areas are too rough you could bring a backpack to put him in.