Personal Trainer


Bella & Jack's Mummy
I have booked a session with a personal dog trainer :D

She is coming to our home on the 1st November for our first session together :)
I've done that for a few people. Sometimes it's better for you, as you get to work with issues specific to you and your dog. But it's (imo) important to go to a class environment, for socialization and a different environment. Some dogs are perfect at home, but act up in a different situation. I can train my own dogs but I take my dogs to other trainers classes (with the other trainer knowing that I will do things my way) just for the classroom experience, and learning to work around other dogs.
Glad you found someone, but next week when Bella is allowed out she should be meeting 6 new dogs a day and going to at least 2 new places a week. Socialisation is really important.

Now the fun begins xx
only planning on a few at home Sara and then go to a class to socialise, my alot of my friends have dogs Karen so shouldnt be a problem introuing her to different ones lol x
first class is tommorow evening after i finish work , willl et you know how it goes x
well our first lesson at home went really well :D

have homework to do lol, practising sitting and staying and coming

Heather is a lovely lady and was very impressed with Bella's first lesson so I was really pleased, we have been practising and she's doing great, Heather has emailed me a lesson breakdown of what we went through for week one ( will try put it in the training section to share with everyone )

all in all it went really well and we both had lots of fun x

looking forward to next week :D
the walks arent going so great at the minute Karen .... tried to take her out earlier but it was cold, dark and wet and she wasnt really that keen !

she has been doung really well though to be fair but I have always had someone else with me walking in front when ive taken her out I was on my own tonight with her x
Bernie is only just getting to grips with walking on the lead, fine off lead, although since he has turned 6 months he is deciding on being a bit more wilful about when he comes back...big bags of franfurt sausage or cheese nibbles and he does seem to come when called :rolleyes:
I dont have a great recall with Mouse either... being deaf makes calling her verbally tough, but Scout, my other deaf dog has perfect recall, seriously. She checks back every few seconds and if I wave her over, she comes back 100%. Mouse is a little tougher, even if I have really smelly treats, she wont check in often enough, and she wont come back when I wave at her... but then I dont know how well she sees far away either, so Mouse will not be getting any off leash walks, poor girl.

Training is so much fun. I adore teaching my dogs to do stuff. Is your trainer a clicker trainer? I find it so much more interesting and reinforcing for both me and my dogs! LOL. Even my deafies are clicker trained... with a thumbs up for Scout and a light for Mouse.