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Oct 25, 2011
molly, hunny, mitzi
Does anyone know anything about this? My poor little Molly came down with this 4 months ago. She's on clavomox, diflucan, and claritin. And I'm bathing her regularly with a bacterial pet shampoo. She isn't getting any better. She has sores on and inside of her ears, on her face and neck, and feet. And I believe they are even in her mouth now. Poor baby is miserable and just barely eating. The only thing I can get her to eat is meat baby food thinned down with chicken broth. And I've been mixing a high calorie food additive into it. I'm afraid if she doesn't take a turn for the better soon, I have have to euthanize her :( Help!
I have no idea what that is... Poor baby! What does the vet say? what kind of prognosis is there? I'm off to google it now.
poor puppy

Hello, what happened to your dog? My dog Frodo has the same exact symptoms and the vet thinks it's an auto immune disorder: Pemphigus. She put him on antibiotics and a medicated shampoo for his sores and a higher dose of prednisone to help calm his system and help comfort him. She said I can still give him benadryl which really helps with his comfort too. I'd like to hear what you've found out too!