Our Alf has diarrhea


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What kind of food can we give him thats easy on him? We dont give him any food today.

I heard that cocked rice and fisch is good? Anything else?
And if he doesnt drink what do we do then? He never drinks alot. Just enough. Always at night, almost never at day. He always been that way...
When Manu had a urine infection I had to make him drink a lot. I put some cottage cheese in a small bowl of water - he drank it all to get to the cheese. :)
My workmate mixes some fish oil with water, that might work as well.

Good luck!
Give him some moist rice with bits of chicken, that usually helps plug dogs up and get some moisture into them. Leo had a bout of the runs a few weeks back, it happens.
He hasnt gone out yet. He is asleep ;) He doesnt seem to be in a rush to go outside so I hope its better. I will cock some rice for him today.
I normally pull food for 12-24 hours. Then gradually start back with rice, or a low residue food (Iams has a good one)...then back to regular food. But I always give water, so they don't dehydrate.

If it continues for more than 24-48 hours, I would definitely take to vet (especially if the pup isn't staying hydrated).
We went to the vet today because he hadnt eaten or drink any water yesterday. I fed him water so he wouldnt dry out. So now he will be on diet food for 10 days and pro-kolin medication..