Otis was free for a liitle bit


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I am watching my sisters boston. She listens really well, but I didnt if she would stick around because she has never been her, so I set up this really big puppy play pen I have, and put both in there. Later that day I was like I wonder if Otis would stick around because the kids were there to. I let Otis out and he stayed right with us, my friend in a wheel chair was there, and he keep running up to her. After dark I went out and sat on the porch with the kids and we let them both run loose. They stayed right by my apartment. I think after dark when all the people are inside I am going to let Otis run, of course I will be right out there. The did end up running up to someone, but I yelled to the guy not to reach for him. Otis would of snapped at the guy if he did. But he was good. Just hopping nobody turns me in about the leash law and I hope he listens when I call him so he doesnt go near the road, he behaved pretty well.