Other Members Of The Family


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I have had guinea pigs for years and just lost my last two in July, keeping looking at the RSPCA site, but Bernie is keeping me busy at the moment. We do have Buzz our GSD X who is 13yrs ..he has epilepsy & arthritis, both are under control with meds :)



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I have 4, soon to be 5 dogs... and fish! I have 5 fish tanks. I have allergies to everything with fur... yes even dogs, tho I've mostly got rid of those! so no kitties, bunnies, guinnea pigs, or hamsters for me :(


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I got three cats, two goats, twenty welsh ponies and cobs (A, B, D's), one shetland (cute little punk rocker!), two goats, five chickens, sixty four ewes, 40 ewe lambs, 30 rams lambs, 3 tups and one other strange ram called bobo - he is a wierdo but he is my friend and not destined for the table :)

My two little dachies get on well with them all as they all ignore them even though the dogs generally walk upto the face or arse and just bark and bark and bark - except the chickens who are the most dangerous foe on the yard - I've had to rescue my little girl daxie from a peck fest a few times. The boy daxie has learned to run away as he is two but little Evey just rolls and submits - and a chicken doesnt understand a submit its just a peck fest time :)