One year ago today I lost my best friend Samantha.


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I counted the days like you did for my boys anniversary date. Always know that she will be in your heart forever and gave you many years of joy! Now Brandy will do the same, it's a good feeling knowing you can love another dog.


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Always remember the good times and know you will see each other again someday! (I always say that, but I firmly believe that!)


"It sucks getting old!!!"

I agree for humans, but I honestly don't think that dogs realize the passage of time.

When our beagle crossed the Bridge at almost 16yo, I missed her so much, and still do for that matter, but as soon as the weather warmed up, I planted a dogwood tree in her memory. It took a few years to bloom, but now it does consistently every spring, right now in fact. I always feel that the blossoms are a gift and a visit from Kathy Beagle, and I spend time thinking about what a sweet little angel she was.


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I recently lost my Eva a month ago to a rare complications of ivdd. I still cry everyday trying to remember every inch of her and everything she use to do. I can empathize with your pain and I'm so sorry contour loss.

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Missing my little Money

Oh, I am so sorry. that is something that we never forget. I love the nickname little monkey, that says it all.

My dog is 14, and I see him slowing down. Thank you for sharing, I am thinking of getting another puppy now, so Barron can show him the way

I miss you little monkey.



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I love the photos of the years passing. Many of us know that pain of remembering the loss of our sweet ones. I am dreading that day coming with a 12 and 14 year old here. They get more precious with each passing year, don't they? Hugs to you as you mark that day.


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There is always that pain you feel in remembering the loss of a loved one but memories of the times you spent are more valuable than gold. Every April i celebrate the loss of my beloved pet. It has been 2 years so this time i have decided to remember him by adding a pet burial marker since we hadn't. That will be my way of my remembering him.