OMG... I am soo ready to strangle this puppy!!!


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Well, I thought we were making some progress in the house breaking department... But aparently the progress was temporary...

As everyone read Spekkle was spayed at the vets suggestion because they thought she was marking.... Well that was 6 days ago... And Spekkle had been doing wonderful for the last 6 days... Not one accident... Everytime we went out she went potty, if we were inside and she needed to go out she barked... She even woke me up when she got to sleep in my bed again!!!

Now it seems we r right back where we started! I took Spekkle outside, she piddled and pooped, we came in and 3 mins later she pooped next to her bed... My son took her out while I cleaned up... She went potty again... She came in the house and within 3 mins she piddled on the bathroom floor!! There are puppy pads in the bathroom, livingroom/kitchen, and she has one in her crate... She has been using them everytime we took a little too long getting her out for the last few days.... Orit took me too long to stumble and find her LeXus at 3am!!!.....

I don't get it... I understand that this breed is just plain stubborn... But this is getting ridiculous... Not only do I need to buy stock in puppy cleaning supplies... But this effects the enjoyment of this baby.... She is the sweetest most loving little girl ever... But its a disaster having her loose!!!!

Any advise?
One of the first things I read about Dachshunds when I was researching whether or not to get one was how very difficult it was to house train them. Please remember that she is just a puppy and might not get it 100% down for quite a few months, I know someone who only just know got accident free and their pup is 1 year. My dachshund can be frustrating sometimes, he does really well with using his puppy pad and then out of no where he will pee on the floor or sometimes on my bed! I do get frustrated and let him know in a stern voice that he is not to use the potty there, and even though it can be aggravating it has in no way stunted my ability to enjoy his adorableness and company. So please just remember to be patient!
:confused: I try to keep being patient, however having Spekkle and her being deaf gives a bit of a challenge in that if she is on the other side of the room I cant exactly yell no no.... I have grabbed her as soon as I see her and being startled does not stop her, she just kept going as I picked her up making a bigger mess.... What makes it so frustrating is she so potty on the floor, then she steps and/or rolls in it and yes is everything she touches... And it then has taken me over 2 hours to clean up... So she went into the crate where the mess is contained... But she has started back up to pottying on her bed, before she lays down... And I seperated out the bedding from a puppy pad... I used a small crate but the mess in that was horendous.... And due to her messes she has been getting a bath almost nightly, which I know will soon reek havoc on her skin.... But it does seem that the magic number is a year so I guess we will see!
Just remember, her deafness is not the reason she's tough to housetrain. You could try stomping on the floor really hard. The other thing you can try is a spray of water. I dont like using adversives, but as a startle to stop the misbehaviour, it is effective. If she's ok with water, then use vinegar, it wont hurt her.

And keeping her on a leash is extremely beneficial, she will always be close enough to grab.
I know her being deaf isn't y she is difficult... But it has a hand in getting her attention... She started chewing in her leashes and harnesses now, and she found one down when she was loose and destroyed both the harness and leash and now will refuse to walk when she is on it...and we r having to carry her outside to go potty.... And she was wonderful on the leash before.... She stayed close never crossed in front of me.... Now she will just lay down.. we haven't been able to go walk since I put her on it all the time....

And the water has had no effect on her... But I have had to give her baths almost daily.... But we keep trying... I think she is just a pill.... She is as stubborn as she is sweet!! Lol
You can soak the leash and harness in Vinegar to prevent chewing.

Keep it positive, with a deaf dog, you need to make it seriously fun to pay attention and be close. Keep her daily food rations in a treat bag in your pocket. every time she makes eye contact, give her a piece of food, she gets no food in a dish for awhile, just from your hands. Also surprise her once in awhile with a small piece of hot dog, or freeze dried liver, just to keep it interesting.

Only give her food when she's on a leash, that may help as well. and use a thumb's up like a clicker, for good dog.

Here's a little vid of my deaf girl Mouse at 6 months with her big brother, Oliver
[ame=]Mouse and Oliver working for their breakfast - YouTube[/ame]

and another vid, when Mouse is alittle older
[ame=]Mouse Tricks - YouTube[/ame]

And a vid of Scout, my deaf Terrier mix with Mouse and Boo at the end.
[ame=]Give us a Chance! - YouTube[/ame]

Oh and another of Mouse's Laptop case trick
[ame=]Mouse's laptop case trick - YouTube[/ame]

Just a little inspiration for you, and proof that they CAN be trained! As I'm sure you're a little frustrated right now :)
Hi, I don't know what to tell you. We have 3 weenies and 2 of them are 2 years old and 1 is almost a year and we still have pee pads kicking around the house.
My puppies hate to go outside in the rain...I can stand out the door and make them go outside and go pee and poo however, the moment they come into the house they go and use the pee pad. Makes me crazy but at least it is the pee pad.
Also, when I am out for the day at work the pee pads really come in handy. They come in handy for travelling as well.
Just hang in there and keep doing what you are doing.
Your puppy is worth it.

Bernie went through a stage of lying down whilst out on the lead.

WHen we first brought him home we had a GSD X called Buzz but I purposely walked them separately so that Bernie wasn't protected by Buzz. Sadly we had to have Buzz pts and all of a sudden Bernie wouldn't walk on the lead at all.

Took 6 weeks or so to correct. SO the lead maybe a separate issue :confused:
Ahhh...the housetraining

and the peeing on the bed! Mickey does really well for several days, then out of the blue, he'll pee or poop anywhere he pleases and acts like it's no big deal.
But the worst is the peeing the bed. We have a 4 year old chihuahua rescue we've had about 2 years and lately he's been getting on our bed while we're at work, lifting his leg and peeing on our turned back covers. Then Mickey gets up there and takes a nice long pee in the middle of the bed. I keep a plastic mattress cover on our bed but I've still got to wash everything! I've solved the problem by taking away the pet stairs when i leave for work so they can't get on the bed. But I still have to watch Mickey when we get ready to go to bed at night as he'll squat on the quilt the minute he gets in bed. I yell NO really loud, pick him up and put him on the potty pads. It's the WORST! You think only about a year of this and he'll be housetrained? :eek:
Could it be anxiety issues that are causing her to do this? I adopted a shelter dog a couple of months ago. At first she would pee and poop in the house and in her crate. She still has accidents. If I fuss at her for something she will piddle on the floor.We went for a long walk Sunday. When we got back home she peed all over the floor I'm guessing because she wanted to get in the house with the rest of us without taking time to go.

Sounds also like she is not emptying out her bladder completely when she goes outside. Do you keep water readily available at all times when she is out of the crate? I use a water bottle in the crate and when I am at home I monitor her water so I know about how long before Isabella needs to go. As for food I feed her twice a day and know about how long after food that she will need to go. I take her out quit often in between. I wouldn't put pee pads down like confetti either. She might be thinking she can go any where in the house also.

These are just my suggestions. I hope it gets better for you :)
she is doing better now than bedore she was spayed!

Thanks everyone for all the great advise! It seems that this may just be an ongoing issue to some degree, I have no problem with occasional accidents and expect that we will have them but I know she can do better than she does....

We live in Seattle and she hates going out in the rain also... But she will go out if I make her. She will quickly piddle, but never poop if it is raining... So I have 2 puppy pads down inbetween the living room and kitchen, and 1 in the bathroom... I wouldn't mind if she continued to use the puppy pads, but I eventually only want one in the bathroom, however at this point she won't really leave the room I am in unless she is just running around, so I keep one in both places.

I crate her when I am work but found I have to line half the crate with a puppy pad otherwise she will potty allover her bedding... And thankfully she is not using the potty in her bed before laying down... When Spekkle first came to live with us, I would put her little puppy bed in a corner of my bed, but after waking up soaked several times I had been putting her in the crate to sleep... But last week when she was spayed I worried soo much about her that I wanted her next to me, so I lined the area where her puppy bed is with a big garbage bag and a blanket then put her bed on top... And in all this time she has not had an accident in the bed and I don't worry so much about waking in a puddle...

And I do have to say that the accidents are significantly less since she was spayed so I wonder if she really was marking for some of the time... It seems a year is the magic number so we just have 7 more months to go! Ugh!! But with luck she will continue to get better and better!

Spekkle is just the most loving and adorable little girl, and I enjoy spending all the time we do with her, and she is such a cuddle baby... But a very picky cuddle baby... She likes her blankets only this way, and a toy in that spot, and me in a.... certain position... And if its all not right she will rearrange things or glare at me until everything is just right.... Such a personality.....


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Sometimes I wonder with doxies since they are so low and have such good noses that they smell things and just decide to pee on them, whether it be a old pee drip or something they decides smells like it deserves to be wizzed on.

My boy has been really good for the last few months after we moved to the new apartment and he no longer needs to be crated (no carpet) turns out the crate was a big cause for his SA and he would associate us leaving with the panic he felt in the crate. It took a few months but now he doesn't panic as bad when we go out. He would never destroy he would pace, whine, bark, drool and jump at windows.

If it is the cleaning which annoys you, you could try diapers ( I know). Otherwise keep her away from areas you do not want peed in, and do not give her free-range yet until she is trustworthy. I would also be very hesitant to allow a dog with housebreaking issues on the bed. Leo is never allowed on the bed. Although I am sure he would never toilet on purpose, our bed is very high and if he had a emergency even if we had a ramp he just might not make it.
Her eyes look like Mouse's, very light sensitive! Mouse squints so much, she looks like her eyes are closed in bright light, and I cant take a pic with the flash if I want her eyes open in the shot!

Mouse is pretty much sun-blind, though her nose is sooooooooooo good that it's hard to tell. She will bump into things for 10 minutes after I turn lights on in a dark house... so I tend to walk around in the dark most the time :) But I keep a flashlight with me now, as a few months ago I stepped on a power plug and put a 1" hole in the bottom of my foot!

This is her on our 12 hour trip home when I adopted her (she's from Spokane) at 5 months old. You can see she keeps her eyes mostly shut in bright sun

This is my solution to for her on sunny days LOL

And this is her weird eyes (and Boo's too) Both have sight issues, though Mouse is worse than Boo, he's just nearsighted
Spekkle has one blue eye and one eye is blue and brown.... She also has one eye that the opening is significantly smaller than the other eye, so when you look at her she always looks a little off.... I would never have thought of her being very sensitive to the light however, nor have I seen sunglasses for puppies.... Hmm...interesting.... Spekkle has some vision impairments as far as she sees at different distances from each eye... And neither distance is really far...

I have spent this weekend looking for some sort of puppy coat or something to help with time outside as she doesn't seem to like the rain, and she tends to shiver a lot when its cooler out... I however didn't really find anything I liked... So the search will continue next weekend....
When your done strangling yours you can come strangle mine. Stella has been peeing and pooping all over pretty much all weekend
Ahhh..... Poor Stella... Lol...sorry...amazingly Spekkle did pretty good this weekend... Except for...
We went to a pumpkin patch and they didn't allow dogs in the corn maze.. so I put her in her doggy duffel bag, and in 10 mins she dug out one of the ends.... Then she pooped on my car seat!!! I was definately ready to blow a fuse.... Just greatful she didn't do her usual step and roll in it bit....

Almost didn't know she was ever out her bag.. she was curled up in it sleep when we got back in the car... I just happened to look at the seat before I sat!! I swear some puppies!! Needless to say I think she tried to make up for it by curling up and snuggling the rest of the time!!
Woke up to Spekkle popping a squat in my bed.... Once again... Guess she is gonna just have to sleep in her crate... Thankfully I had lined under her puppy bed with plastic!! But she piddled both in her bed and in mine!!! Not a fun morning!