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What color do you think my girl is? Her mother was a clear red and her father was a wildboar. Nola's reg. as a wildboar. However, she doesn't have the typical wildboar look about her. No tan points. Each of her hairs (expect the ones on her face and legs) is red at the base and black at the tips. She was born nearly black, lightened to red till she was about 14 weeks and from then turned her current color. She has a very prominent widows peak as well.Her eyes are warm, dark brown with black rims and her nose and nails are black. She's two years old.
Any idea what color she is?
Also, several people have mention sable because of the widows peak, but then contradict themselves saying sable only occurs in longhairs. So I checked out the AKC's website, and it states that sable does in fact appear in smooths as well as longs. From the page:
Sable-the sable pattern consists of a uniform dark overlay on red dogs. The overlay hairs are double-pigmented, with the tip of each hair much darker than the base color. The pattern usually displays a widow's peak on the head. Nose, nails and eye rims are black. Eyes are dark, the darker the better
The first picture was taken at the beach in full sunlight.



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She looks wild boar to me. I wish I could draw on here or post a picture of what I mean. I have a picture in my book that shows what the hairs of a wildboar look like. Picture one - tipping - one color for most of the hair shaft and then tipped with the other so say red for most of it and then tipped with black. Picture two - banded - at the bottom the hair begins as a light red, the middle a darker red and then the tip is black.

In dachshunds, the term 'sable' is wildboar for longhairs. The way you can tell a true sable is that they are often mistaken for a black/tan or black/cream from a distance. Many wildboar are too or they may be mistaken for shaded reds. You can't always go by the "well the dog has a widow's peak, so it's gotta be a ..." sometimes these two patterns don't show the characteristic widow's peak, like your girl obviously has :)

Red sable longhair
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I don't know what the proper name for Nola's color is, but she is very beautiful! I love her widow's peak, and her expressive eyes...:)