Obsessive Licking


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Our 4 year old doxie has been developing a continuely more obsessive licking habit. If left unchecked he will start slurping and and get wherever he is laying soaking wet. The licking is concentrated to his genitals, butt and tail.

I have had the vet check him twice now and he has no skin or gland conditions.

We have tried all the Phooey, Yuk and Bitter Apple sprays we can find. The Bitter Apple works the best in that he will leave himself alone until it drys, the others he mostly treats as a treat.

Anyone have any tips for breaking him of this habit?


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I'm not exactly sure what folks on a forum can offer you if you've been to a vet for advice.

The only think I can offer is to make sure he has plenty of exercise. I'm a great fan of the game 'hide the ball' for mine because it works their minds and their muscles.


Maybe he is licking the salt from sidewalks and driveways that is used for melting ice outdoors this time of year?

You might try a bath using Head and Shoulders Plus shampoo. This seems to provide some relief from itching and secondary skin infections.

Tabasco sauce is a deterrent to licking anything, but I wouldn't put it on bare skin. Maybe a teeny amount on fur in the area he is licking.


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Since it is not a health problem, I think you should contact a dog trainer who is specialised in obsessive behaviour. Before it gets any worse, that is. I don't have experience in obsessive behaviour, but I know that it doesn't go away on itself. For example german shepherds can develop an obsession of chasing their tail. I remember reading an article about it somewhere...


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We haven't had any snow yet so I don't think it is salt from the road and this was going on in the summer.

I think I will try the hot sauce on his fir in the areas he lucks to see what that does.

It's tough to get a lot of outdoor time this time of year but I have a large fenced in yard and both dogs get time outside in the morning and late afternoon and 2-4 mile walks on the weekend.


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Well I tried putting hot sauce on his fir and it has been quite effective. Only issue is he smells like a buffalo wing and it makes me hungry. [emoji6]


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Can it be stress? Or a fixation?
Mabye go to another vet if he is still having this. Just to be sure.

Good luck!