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So Bug is almost 7 an some of the behaviors she does gets me wondering if its a normal dachshund behavior or just something she does.

Anyway, she does not bark, well if someone knocks at the door she does a half bark. She also does not play, I have tried many different things. I have tried different toys/treats, I started to play with one of her toys but she just gave me a look an went to her bed. She ignores other dogs, went to a dachshund picnic lots of other dogs there but when one would come up to greet her she turned away an ignored them. Not all is bad, she is extremely cuddly! She will get in your lap an place her head under your chine an push up, her way of giving hugs.

Are any of the above behaviors a "normal" dachshund behavior? Or are they a Bug special? Should add that she is the only dog in my house an has been an only dog for about 2-3 years now. I do know she lived in a crate for the first 6 months of her life. When we still lived at my parents she was around a basset hound from 6 months to about 4 years old. So she did have some other dog interaction for like 3 years.

I love Bug a lot an would never change a thing about her but I'm just wondering if its normal. I know each dog has their own little personalty but like I said my curiosity has gotten the best of me once again. An I'm kinda worried its possible something I might have or not have done for her.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer my silly questions :) Feel free to send me an email if you wanna talk more.
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We have 2 doxies and their personalities are so different. One is high energy, loves to run, play and barks at almost anything. The other is calm, laid back and content to sit on your lap or chew on a toy. Just like humans, every dachshund is unique.


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Just like humans, every dachshund is unique.
Lily is 8 months old and she has never ever barked! Well actually I've heard her bark once... In her sleep.. And now that she is deaf I'm
Not sure I'll ever hear her bark at all. She sometimes acts like ur bug too she's quiet and wants to be left alone but other times she's crazy and hyper and will bite her older brother cheeks! So for her it depends on her mood I'm guessing ...


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Mouse loves to play... on her terms and when she feels like it. She barks if she sees something worth barking at (not often) sits on my lap most of the time, and has a dog attitude at times (doesn't want to play with dogs other than her Oliver and tells them off if they try LOL

Boo wants nothing more than to sleep on my lap, though will play tug with me or Oliver now and then :)