Nola's Speedy Recall


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I just had to show off this speedy recall Nola did. :D She is so incredible with it, and absolutely flawless off leash. Who said Dachshunds can't be trained?:rolleyes:
[ame=]Dachshund Nola: Recall - YouTube[/ame]


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Haha she´s a star!

You are a good representative for our breed.
Yesterday I got a post on my blogs comments from a person that had just met her first daschshund and was both scared and angry at them. The owner of the dachshund didnt have any controll over the dog and let the dog chase this persons dog, who was scared and screamed. She asked me if all dachshund was like that.

No they are not! I hope more people put their time at training their dachshund to be a good citizen. Then we dont have to hear about ppl beeing scared of them or think they are annoying or bad-mannered.

Good job Nola!