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Hello everyone. Just stopped by to introduce myself and my little beasties. I have a long hair named Sadie and her litter which we are keeping 2 from.

The parents and my daughter, she owns flash.

These are the 2 we are keeping.


This one is going to a great home, he will have a rottie for a big sister.

This little girl has a really bad overbite but she has found a wonderful home.
Awe what a gorgeous family :) Welcome to the forum! You're going to have your hands full with littermates! Enjoy them :)
Yeah, I'm expecting troubles raise two pups at once. Its something I always said I would never do but we couldn't decide which one to keep. If it was up to DH, we would be keeping all 4. Luckily out city ordinace won't allow it, whew.

I actually had homes for 2 pups before I even bred sadie, one fell through which turned out to be for the best.