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A co-worker came by today to pick up some stuff we were giving away, Henry went right to him and greeted him. Oscar on the other hand just went to his favorite chair and growled. We are still working with Oscar and him not being intimidated by new people. Of course, he may never be totally over his past and anxiety. He used to be hit often in his old home. It was during his puppy life, so, we just let others who come over that it is just his way. He has never bit anyone and he is trusting us more that we would not let anyone near him that would hurt him. but it breaks my heart each time, knowing what used to happen to him.
that is awful I dont know how anyone could harm any living animal or human, makes me sick.

On the up side he has a wonderful new loving home where he will be given lots of love xxx
Thank you Susan

:)I agree, Susan, it baffles me how anyone can look at an animal or other human and find it okay to harm or hit them. Oscar has gotten more cuddly now. He still goes to my hubby first, but sometimes he just wants a cuddle from me. When he licks us, he is very tenative about it. My husband and I cannot even think about either of our dogs not being with us, they make our family complete. :D
Bella is fast asleep on my knee as Im typing this and im looking at her and cant imagine anyone every wanting to hurt her she is sooooo beautiful and adorable, i cant help but kiss and cuddle her all the time i wanna squeezeher so tightly if you no what i mean , i just love her to bits x
:)Susan, I know exactly how you feel. When my boys come up onto my lap for a cuddle, I am more than willing to oblige them. :D When I look at our boys, I can't imagine ever hurting them. I accidentally stepped(lightly) on one of Henry's feet one day and cried for like 20 minutes. I cuddled him like crazy, kissing the top of his head. He was fine but I was a nervous wreck for a whole day. Of course, I cannot leave my tea or coffee on the side table...Oscar loves brewed tea and coffee. I found him one day, sneaking a taste from my coffee, I gasped, he looked up at me with this guilty look. Then while watching me, he slowly ducked his head down for another taste, the little scamp. lol:)