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new to the group


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Oct 12, 2010
Hello to everyone
I have a mini dachshund named hannah banana she is quite the character.
I had a tweenie up till mid march is name was magic and he lived 18+ yrs he was a good dog.I miss my pal magic he was dog aggressive but a big push over when it came to cats
Hi mykey welcome to the site.. Glad you found us! We have two mini's. Sam and Molly they are our first doxies
awww...nice to meet you. what is the difference between a tweeney and a mini...??? I would love to see photos too!
We have 2 mini dashcunds...at least I think they are minis. One is 8lbs and the other i about 10lbs. There photos are posted on the site as Molly and Sam!

Nice to meet u !
Hi Mykey
Welcome to the forum x
Hi Koshka what kind of dachshunds do u have.Do you go to any events for dachshunds.I usually go to Thamesford and missauga.
Thanks Susan, I see u have a dapple do u have any special events for dachsunds in the Uk/
Koshka u are correct the tweenie is the heavier of the two,it is between a standard and a mini . my older male now deceased was about 15 lbs and the mini usually weighs between 10 12 lbs.