New to the forum and Dachshund world!


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Hello all, My name is Sharon

And I just got my first Dachshund. I have been in love with this breed for the past 15 years. But always had many animals and never got one.

Well, our Shelti passed 2 years ago this month. 3 days after his stroke, he was 11 years old. Love and miss him so much. We have a little Chihuahua Male, fixed and weighs 5 lbs. His name is Bandit. And he is 5 years old this month and grew up with Pepper our Shelti. And he has been lonely since he passed. So it was time to get a new buddy for him.

I was looking for a small breed but not Chi puppy and ended up finding the perfect one on a local Facebook pet group.

Some one had listed this 8 month old female Mini Dachshund longhair for only $50. I emailed, went over and fell in love with this little girl.

I have had her only a few days. I got her Sunday (July 22). And Im in love with her.

Its been a lot of learning for both of us the past couple days. I dont think she had any training. But in the past 4 days, I got her paper trained. And still working on getting her to sleep at night.

She is now my "Shadow" always at my feet, or sitting on my lap or snuggling up around my neck when I sleep.

She wants to be next to Bandit so bad but he is still getting used to sharing his space with a new dog. But he is getting better and actually played with her in the yard yesterday. Bandit is fixed but Maya is not spayed so that is our goal in the next month.

She dont hold still long enough for me to take a good picture of her but here is one I have.

Hoping to learn a lot from this forum on our new baby. Maya.