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New member welcome thread..


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Sep 12, 2010
Milo, Sam , Molly
Alot of new members join and dont introduce themselves so I have added this thread for all to introduce yourself....

I will go first...

Hi all I am From Langley BC Canada. I started this site because of our pups that I love.... Sam and Molly of course... It doesnt matter how crappy a day I have had, all I have to do come home and they always lift my spirits. Always happy and excited to see me....

Okay nuff about me... Who is next....


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I am looking forward to all the good Doxie information on this site. Especially on those with really stubborn strong willed puppies like my Molly. Just yesterday I had a battle with her on a walk. I walked....she didn't...she just sat there on the grass looking at me.....so I sat on the bench and we just stared at each other for 1/2 an hour. She won. I went to her...and we ended up walking home the other way.
Of course....Sam was an angel. lol:)
hi my name is frieda i love dachshunds...i have 14 and i love them all....
:) HI
I have recently got my first mini wire daxi. He is called Bernie after my dad who recently passed away. He is a little sweet heart. He is getting on well with my 13yr old GSD X which is great. I have had 6 Dalmations & one beagle in the past so I am not used to having such a small dog, who seems to be constantly under my feet.

Look forward to meeting more members :)
Hello everyone. My name is Dawn and my doxy is Daisy. She is almost 3 and on the 30th she had her first and last litter. Daisy is a miniature dapple smooth and she mated with a full size doxy. All 3 puppies are boys. one is black and brown, the second is black and brown but has a white spot under his neck and the third is black and brown but has a white stripe down his neck and chest. They are so adorable. I am only keeping one of them so i am not looking forward to having to get rid of the other two. Been only 3 weeks and i already attached to them all.
Welcome to the site everyone.. Glad you found us.:D
Hello, my name is Leslie, and Sadie is my sweet little mini long-hair. Miracle I even have her, she is a HUGE blessing to me and my husband....she is our furry child. :)

Hi everyone I am from Ottawa Ontario I have a 3 1/2 year old pure bread standard long haired Dachshund named hairy.


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new too

My little long haired Dauchshaund is Rhondo. It took us many weeks to name the little fellow. He is such a delight. We got him this July after seeing him in a petting zoo and watching many kids pick him up and drop him accidently. He was only 8 weeks and I felt so bad for him. He was totally exhausted with all the attention at the zoo that he just slept. We already had two misfit dogs from the pound who had captured our family's heart seven years ago and they gradually became the heart of our family. I have two teenage sons and a husband of 21 years. We couldn't possibly think of adding another dog to our close knit family. But Rhondo did it. I couldn't stop thinking of him and neither could my husband. We discussed it for a week and then went and picked him up. He was my husband's constant companion over the summer as my husband teaches. The other pups warmed up to him quick and now he is the happy little brother who will nab their treats if they are not fast enough. Rhondo adds so much joy to all of our lives.
Emma, Matt and Bella

Hello Everyone,

I'm Emma and with my boyfriend Matt we are the proud mummy and daddy of 5 month old Bella. Bella is a Standard Red Smooth, with the most wonderful personality. Tragically her mummy died not long after the birth, but she's a fighter and the breeder did a fantastic job of raising three healthy pups. I think partly due to hand rearing, she is such a cuddler and loves being involved in anything that is going on.

Bella is the star of the local park as you don't often see Dachshunds near us. She loves meeting other dogs and is noticeably upset if we are nearing the end of a walk and she has not met any (looking back just to make sure she's not missed any). Its not just dogs if a person walks passed her and does not say hello she gets very perplexed.

She is a delight and we freely acknowledge making the commitment to bring her into our world and care for her was the best decision we have ever made.
hi my name is frieda i love dachshunds...i have 14 and i love them all....

OMG - I can't imagine 14 of them!:eek: It must be fabulous!
I have just the one. His name is Pedro and he's not far off 5 years old. Too smart for his own good but totally adorable :D


We did have another puppy. A mini-smooth shaded red called Bella but she died at 10 weeks. Which was hideously painful and we've not dared to get another. But I'm sure we will at some point.


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Hello everyone

My name is Wendy, at present I have 3 dachshunds, 2 standard red long haired sisters, Daphne & Gabby they are 10 years old. Daphne we have had since she was a puppy and Gabby since she was 2, the lady who bred them tried to show Gabby but she was a bit ditsy, she wanted her to be a family pet and that she is! Bridie we got 2 years ago at age 4, she is a mini smooth red. This poor wee soul was used to have puppies, it became apparent to us that she hadn't even been kept indoors and had to fight for her food, she has a chunk out of her ear and grey nip marks and wee scars on her face. We were told she was 4 and had had 2 litters, but our vet reckoned she was older and had more than 2 litters. When we went to see her, we wanted to make sure she got on with our other 2 dogs, we were so pleased to get her we forgot to get her pedigree at the time, when the lady phoned me the next day I asked if she could send me her pedigree, she refused just in case I was going to breed from her. People like that make me sick, this little dog was not even toilet trained, but with a lot of patience and love she has turned into a super little dog with tonnes of character.

The cold weather is coming, Daphne & Gabby are fine they have their own thick fur coats but poor wee Bridie is freezing, she is snuggling into her 2 big sisters all of the time it is sooooo cute!!!!!

Wendy :)

I am Shell and I love my beautiful boys Franky and Oliver :)
I just joined this Forum

Hi ,I had a 12 1/2 year old long hair mini female that passed away the end of June.I've been looking at other breeds trying to decide what to get now that I'm ready.But I realized today that doxie's are my dog,I don't need to look anywhere else.I definitely want another long hair mini ,their such great friends to us.My cousin has 6 and keeps rescuing more.Thankyou for putting up this place for doxie lovers to come and visit.
Good day,
My name is Cody. I have the greatest little man ever! His name is lil' smokey (aka lil' pup-pup, pal-friend, smokes, buddy, 'mokey, lil' man).

I joined this forum because I love looking at dachsund pics and videos, but more importantly for education on the breed. I know they are prone to back injuries and such, and I figured this will end up being a great place for education and support.

My buddy is an important member of my family, and I want the best for him! When I get the chance I'll share some pics. He's a mini red smooth... his mother was a brindle, his dad was a cream long hair. So, he's a bit shaggier than your average smooth dachs.
Welcome to the site everyone.. I am exicted at how many others are out there that have Dachshunds...

I'm noticing that most like us seem to have more than one... We have two and are always joking about getting a 3rd.. We have 2 mini's... A longhair Molly and a short red with a bit of dapple in him. Sam. We already have a name for the 3rd if we get him lol Percy......


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Davy and I are happy to have in our lives a black and tan standard dachshund named Warner. He is a sweet and mellow fellow which is good because we have a mini pin who is wiry.
We have had many dachshunds over the years....they are our favorite breed!!!

We have Truffles, a mini smooth black and tan. She is nearly 8 months old and is fantastic! :)
Glad to find a dachshund site

My little mini smooth red is Amadeus, called "deo" for short - He's the light of my life. We also have a standard black and tan named "Dach", who stays with my husband during the week while I'm working and I get to see on weekends. These are our first dachshunds, I've always been a big dog person, but when my daughter got a mini she named Zoey I fell in love with my granddog and the breed. Now I also have a mini longhair dapple granddog!
Dachshunds are such a delightful breed - stubborn, smart, loving, amusing - I can't get enough of the joy these critters bring to our lives!


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hi my name is frieda i love dachshunds...i have 14 and i love them all....

14!!!:eek: WOW... that is AWESOME!!!.. We have 2 and are tossing the idea of adding a 3rd to the pack