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Helen Rose

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Hello. I'm Helen and I have had my long-haired dachshund Sammy for 9 years. I got him at 12 weeks. He is having a problem with his bottom. He will spin around like someone is poking him from the inside. It kept us awake all one night because he couldn't get comfortable. I have had him to the vet and she expressed his glands which were a little thick, but he is still doing it. It happened two years ago with the same symptoms and she couldn't find worms or any issues so she put him on an antibiotic for three weeks and it seemed to do the trick. Now it's back and we are trying the same regiment, but he's still in distress.

Have any of you in this forum had this issue with your dachshund?? I hate to see my baby going through this.

Thank you.



The behavior you describe, " spin around like someone is poking him from the inside," sounds like "scooting." Does he try to drag his bottom on the carpet as if it were itching him? Considering his past history, It definitely could be another anal gland issue, and I would have your vet take another look to see if he needs another course of antibiotics. Ask your vet to show you how to express the anal glands yourself. Until you get him in to see the vet, have him sit in enough warm water of a comfortable temperature for 10 minutes at a time to see if this will soften up the blockage and remove any leakage, also you may wish to feed him fiber in his meals to firm up his stools, but definitely see your vet to rule out infection. Dogs normally self express during a bowel movement if there is enough fiber in the stool to create a little bit of pressure. Plain canned pumpkin, green beans, raw carrots, or even a small amount of uncooked oatmeal, perhaps a teaspoon, sprinkled on his food for two or three days may be sufficient to produce the desired result if there is not an infection.

Helen Rose

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Thanks Casey. He was scooting too so that is when I took him to the vet this second time. No infection and the glands should now be empty. I do have him on green beans (which he eats before his food!!) and his stool is pretty firm. He is on the antibiotics for 21 days and we are 7 days into it. I'm hoping it will resolve it again like it did two years ago. I just was hoping someone else has had the issue with their dachshund. If I could learn how to express them, that would sure save a lot of discomfort for him.