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My husband and I just adopted a 3 year old female long hair chocolate mini dach. She gets along great with my kids and while shes alone with my male yorkie. But if she's next to me and my yorkie tries to come see me, she growls at him. I just say no everytime she does it to hopefully break her of it. Her previous owner had a male cat that she had no problems being with. Is that about the only thing I can do? Also, her coat is so beautiful and not too long or too short but the hair on her ears is matted up pretty badly, it's really pitiful. Any advice on maybe some home remedies to fix the hair issue without having to use a groomer?

She is resource guarding against your other dog, a very common issue with Doxies. I have one that does that. I just put him down whenever he does. I dont correct, or say no, or anything, I just put him off the couch. I also dont let him come up unless he sit's first and I say it's ok for him to come up. I dont want him thinking he owns the couch or my lap.

He's getting much better.

As to the matts on her ears, try cutting the matt in half lengthwise, then brushing it, a little at a time, you dont want to hurt her. Spend 15 minutes a day brushing her gently (all over), so she gets used to the grooming.
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I have read of people using cornstarch or conditioner to help loosen up mats. Make sure to rinse the conditioner off.