Need Help! Potty/Behavior Problems


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Hi All,

I am new to the Forum. About 12 years ago my wife and I purchased "Buddy" from a local breeder. He is a tweener wild boar male. A year later we rescued a female Dachshund that we named Marie. These guys were partners in crime for about 11 years. They were both crate-trained (since Buddy's successful back surgery in 2005 they occupied adjacent crates). Marie died this past May from a massive inoperable tumor. Ever since,Buddy has gone haywire with the housebreaking. He was wizzing in his crate constantly,so we set him up in the bedroom with some pads in the bathroom. He did everything,everywhere. Put him back in his crate and he soiled that two ways. Understand that I'm a public school teacher and that classes are out of session. He's not being left alone that long. Any advice would be appreciated. I dread going back to school in the fall.




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peeing in the house...

My Snoopy has been a little pisser for all his life...he lets go in the house even tho he has been outside lots...I think that he has a urinary defect as when he gets excited he sprays...but they also poop in the house too despite the fact that it's summer and they r outside lots...don't understand it...:confused:


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If Oscar takes care if business when he goes out first thing in the morning he is good for the day. BUT, he is more interested in checking out every blade of grass in the yard and quite often doesn't (even when he's been out for 45 minutes or more). Those days he won't make it until I get home from work and to let me know that he knows he is supposed to do his business out side he will go on the mat by the back door.

Frazer on the other hand will lie on the floor with his legs crossed and eyes bulging until I get home holding it. BUT, look at him cross eyed and he throws up.

So, I generally have messes to clean up with both of them a couple of times a week.


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I was in the same situation before, I was unable to train also as I have to go for a work then as per my friend's recommendation I have hired a professional dog trainer and the magic happens in few days. I will also recommend you to go for a trainer.