Naughty Dachshund!!


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Hello all,

I have a beautiful Miniture Longhaird Dachshund named Rocky. He is fantastic around other people and children, and he's good with other dachshunds when in the comfort of a home........but, when I'm walking him, when he sees another dog, he is very aggressive and barky (if thats the correct term!??!) He's my first dog, I've always wanted a Dachshund so it's my dream come true, and this is his only problem.

Can anyone help??


Beth xx
Hi & Welcome.

How old is Rocky ( who is very cute ) and has he been to any dog training classes?
He just turned 1 this October :) And no he hasn't been to any dog training classes, to be honest I can't find any in the area :(

It's weird as he's fine with dogs in the privacy of a home, it's just when I'm walking him it's a nightmare- I have to pick him up everytime we go past another dog, otherwise he just goes for them :(

Picking him up every time you pass a dog is making it worse. Have you ever looked into Clicker Training? He sounds like he's a bit anxious when on a leash. if he's fine with dogs in the house, then he's feeling confident when he's not on a leash, but leashed is another story. go to Karen Pryor Clickertraining Check out Karen Pryor. Clicker training is a fantastic way to help an aggressive dog with issues. It's not hard and can be learned through reading Karen Pryor's books, and watching her video's online. I can help you, if you like.