My first back problem!


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I am new to the forum. I have a 6 year old short hair chocolate and tan tween named Penny :)
She is my absoloute love and recently experienced her first back injury :( Needless to say this is what brought me to the forum. We went to the vet and she is on strict crate rest, but I did need a place where I can talk to some fellow doxie owners that may have gone through this instead of scaring myself with googling the possibilities!

She is doing well so far, but I'm looking fwd to swapping some stories and advice.



Hello and welcome, your doxie is very cute.

We actually have a 3 page topic going about a back injury, you could maybe read up on some info there.


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Hello and welcome! I'm so sorry to hear about your doxie's back problems. :( I hope she gets well soon!!! She's a cutie.. I love that choc & tan color!


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Welcome! She's very cute! Back injuries are every Dachshund owner's worst nightmare! I supplement my dogs with Salmon oil, primrose oil and a joint supplement, hoping to prevent back problems.


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Welcome! Your dachshund is adorable. =) You'll get a lot of good advice and support here so no need to go scaring yourself on google. lol!

I'm currently dealing with a dachshund with a back injury, too. Take a look through my thread titled "What could this be?" sometime...some other members gave some suggestions on different things to give for keeping spines healthy there. They helped my dog out quite a bit.

Also, be very strict with the crate rest! No running around even for a few minutes or anything like that. It might make you both a little miserable, but it does help a lot. Trust me, you don't want it to get any worse. =(