My doxie is not friendly with kids, help!


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I have a 3 years old female dachshund, she is wonderful in every aspect a pet could be, but for one thing; she is not friendly with kits. When kids are around her she gets very nervous and tries to bite. She has already bitten 2 kids and attempted to bite many more. No matter what I do to calm her down, kids just stress her out. I need ideas on how to solve this behavioral problem with my dog. Any suggestions? Please Help!!
This is a very dangerous behavior, I wouldn't seek advise online as doing the wrong thing or taking the wrong advise could make the behavior worst and it is a liability. You should seek professional advise or make sure she is never near children, ever. If she bites a child and you are reported you will loose your dog. If she is going to be around children I would advise using a muzzle until the issue is corrected for her safety and yours.
"Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog" by Emma Parsons

Dont let kids near her for now, and find a behaviourist. One that uses no corrections, as corrections compound fear, which will make it worse.

Do not correct a growl, if the dog growls, back off, let the dog calm down, figure out the trigger, then desensitize to that trigger. Correcting growls does not stop aggression, it just takes away the early-warning system.

Hope that helps
We also have a 3 year old dachshund, male though. He is also not fond of children! Never bit them, just barks and runs from them. Our female loves kids, loves attention. Not our boy though, he's very independent & could care less if you ever touch him lol. We love them both of course. We also don't have kids and are not around them often so he hasn't had much interaction. Recently we were around a lot of family and he has eased up a lot. I think its just how quick kids are and how loud they can be. It makes the dogs nervous and they stress easily. I would just avoid children if possible. Or maybe crate her while children around and slowly introduce them. That's what we have done and it seemed to have helped. Good Luck.