My Doxie has white stuff on the tips of his ears.


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At first I thought my grandmother had given him ice cream or yogurt and he stuck his head in the container and it got on his ears. So I gave him a bath, during his bath I realized it wasn't coming off and he pulled away from me when I scrubbed them. Now they are kind of hard but only on the very tips. He won’t really let me take a good look at them, but I’ll try to get a pic to post. Has anyone else had this on their dachshund? I’ve had them my whole life and I’ve never seen this ever! Please help i can't take his to the vets.

He is on Phenobarbital for his epilepsy, could that be it?
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My lily has something similar!!!!! She has the tips really hard like scabs! The vet said that it can be from the parvo and allthe medicine she took! Something about the ear blood vessels not getting enought blood therefore erupting and the scabbing:/ idk she gave her antibiotic