My Dachshunds.


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Hello all,
Well these are my two doxies. Kawfee, a 2 year old male and Lady, i think shes on her 14's in dog years lol, shes old, but still a doll.We got Kawfee six months after Lady's mate passed away, that really blew for me. He was my first dachshund since elementary school and since his dead was unexpected it really hit me, but i gotten over it.

Actually today was the first time in months where i took kawfee for a walk, we walked in our neighborhood and then walk several blocks away. We pass near a yard where the fence was not complete and i suddenly see three German Shepard size dogs coming toward us.I went, oh shoot what do i do. I don't know if i should have just let em get close and sniff or greet him or they were gonna attack him or me. So i just pick him and continue walking until the next block, and they were still following us pretty close.

I thought i was gonna get bitten, but they got bored and stopped following us. I put kawfee back in the floor and continue or way.I still could see the three dogs, but they lost interest. Here now there was a little puppy following us. Im like you can take him lol, so it just sniff kawfee and we continue our way.I dont know if there was another way i could have handled that situation better but anyways.

We also got near a house where three cats got curious and got close to kawfee.I was expecting kawfee to behave aggressive towards them and chase or the cats to flee, but of them were very comfortable with each other. I'm like, well i guess i have a cat friendly dog lol.

Well, i'm sorry if i made this thread too long. Here are some pictures of my lil pack.

And here was Coffee, our first dog.


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Welcome to this friendly forum. Thanks for the lovely pictures.

I am not sure what I would of done with 3 GSD on the loose either. We have a GSD X and Bernie always puts him in his place or Buzz just an old gent that he goes for the easy life.
I love the dog in the first picture she looks very sleek and has a very elegant face! I am partial to the thin head weenies, it makes them look very regal.
Gorgeous dogs! I've been away for the holidays, so I didn't see this until tonight! Welcome! I'm not sure I wouldn't have picked up my little ones if 3 GSD's came at us either!
Hello and welcome to the forum :)

Your doxies are lovely x
And yes i would have done exactly the same and picked my babies up, the thought of them getting hurt by them would have terrified me x
your dogs are adorable

Welcome to the forum

I have 2 dachies Orlando and Alvaro and 2 boxers, Rocco and Cash :)