My boy is acting very strange, need some advice!


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So I've had my little 2-3yr old dachshund since August, he is my best bud and he is totally predictable. Sometimes the stubborness comes out but he is well-trained and rarely has accidents. Tonight we were just hanging out at home, he was out of sight but usually is, and without any warning he peed by the front door, and it was ALOT. Way more than usual, this was a large puddle, like his bladder was full and he emptied it. He went out not more than two hours prior and made absolutely no attempt to let us know beforehand like he always does. Afterwards I noticed that his water bowl which was full a few hours ago is now nearly empty. He has a slight tendency to drink too much at one time, but never this much. I'm worried because this is sooooo out of the ordinary for Dexter. Is there any possible medical explanation for his behavior? Or is it just that it's been warmer weather here, he drank too much, and I'm overreacting. In the hours before he had been chewing on a bully stick, ate a few inches of it (not sure if that's helpful) Any advice is appreciated, I'm just worried about my boy


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I would just watch him for the next day or so. You're around the same area I am and we have been having summer like weather for at least the last week. It's supposed to cool off this coming week, so it may possibly be the hot weather (my guys are drinking alot more too)

The only other thing I can think of is diabetes. With diabetic animals, they tend to drink way more than they should and pee more than normal - but the urine has a strong sugar smell to it.

Keep an eye on him and if things get worse, take him to the vet and have him checked out.

Good luck! Keep us posted!