Music for dogs


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Hi, I'm Kate, my little Keny has been quite stressed lately and i'm looking for ideas to relax him. I've heard about music especially made for dogs, what do you think about it? Have you ever tried ? Does it work ? Any other relaxing ideas? Thank you


Hi and welcome from the UK!

Amazon sell a plug in soother for dogs that they reckon
•Calms your dog
•Mimics hormone
•Effective and safe tool to relieve stress related behaviours in dogs and puppies of all ages.

Haven't tried it though.

Have also been told dachshunds like classical music lol!


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I've tried many things and stuff to appease Lolita. I adopted her when she was about 2, she used to fight with other dogs from the shelter all the time. She's never been mean to me but i found out that fighting was her way to communicate with other dogs. There are many dogs in my family and my sister didn't want to come over anymore because of Lolita. Nothing would calm her (i even took her to dog psychiatrist…). Last X-mas, my wonderful sister offered me a gift voucher from, including 2 albums ("relaxation" and "a beautiful week with my dog"). To say the truth, I was quite skeptical since I had already tried classical music with Lolita and it hadn't been helpful… i tried as a last chance to help Loli, and unbelievable but true: IT WORKED OUT !!!

So Kate, one website for Keny : Music4dogs - The best music for dogs

Cheers to everybody