mouse hunter


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:rolleyes: We saw a mouse running around our house one evening and our oldest, Henry Longfellow, cornered it but it got away. So, we went through three evenings of him going to that same corner whining, almost drove us crazy. So, we set a trap in that corner well protected from little doxy noses. The next morning he went right over to that same corner and started whining yet again. We looked at the trap...and sure enough, there was a mouse in it. Mouse is gone and have not caught any others...but he STILL goes to that corner and whines. I have to admit, it is driving us batty. But, at least we know that he is a great hunter, lol. Our little protector. I feel bad about having to kill the mouse, but I didnt want it running around our house trying to eat their food or ours.


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Well done Henry Longfellow :D

We have rats outside, you see ours go hurtling round they garden when they pick up a trail. Never caught or seen one though :rolleyes: