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Mouse and Boo go for a swim


Alberta Region Moderator
Oct 5, 2010
3 mutts, two deaf/vi mini Dachshund
Not that they liked it! The water was bathtub warm, as it'd been hot all week, the other 6 dogs enjoyed themselves immensely, Boo and Mouse were unimpressed! LOL




How cute! Streach will not get into water unless its the bathtub. He has never liked it.
Jax one of our new pups seems to really like water he lays in the water bowl and I can at least once a day find him with his two front feet in it. The other 2 don't really care.
Boo will climb into the bathtub with me when I'm having a bath, he would love a snuggle... course I will have none of that, but he's always hopeful! Mouse (as you can see from the first pic) HATES water, but it's good for toning her bad leg, so I make her swim whenever I can. I will fill the tub with just enough water that she has to swim, and get her to swim from one end of the tub to the other (hot dogs are necessary! LOL)

Mouse is missing half a back foot, and doesn't use that leg when out on walks, (hops around on three legs) so she needs the water for helping keep her muscles balanced and toned, I'm hoping it'll prevent hip and spine problems later in life.
Your such a good mommy! It's funny how different they can all be, just like us. But each breed has some very specific traits and when you talk to others it's amazingly obvious.