HA ha ha. We used to get Moose in our yard all the time when we lived in our old house... we once had one looking in out dining room window LOL.

That Moose looks exceptionally healthy and in great condition (probably from pruning everyone's trees LOL)
I like them from a distance. :) They are so big so I dont want to run in to one on walks, that was what almost happened yesterday! It just stod there in the dark.
Did Alf see it? What did he think about it?

My mom's dachsie was 10 years old when he decided that he's a moose-dog and started tracing them in a forest near by. My mom had to go after him and carry him home. :D The dog had never been used for hunting or tracing or anything. Now they can't let him run free anymore. :( Silly dog.
Haha! Poor Alf, he's a hunter. :D I think Manu would run away scared or he would try to play with the moose. :D He hasn't understood he's a hunting dog. ;)