mixed breed wonder


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Hi everyone!

What brings me here is my love of dogs (of course) but specifically my dachshund/poodle mix, Sargeant. I also have a mastiff and a lab (and an evil, evil cat).

I hope its ok that Sarge is not a full bred dog. He looks more dachshund to me and has a lot of doxie traits ( a total scent hound, he is all about his nose...can be a stubborn little stinker, etc.)

I happen to be in love with his genetics. His coat is very strange. It is fine and his underside is almost hairless. What coat he does have is ultra fine and does not shed. It also only grows so long, then it stops. His grooming maintenance is basically just baths. Since he sleeps under the covers with me, he has to be a clean one :D

I feed all my dogs a raw diet and LOVE it! I have pretty much been there and done that with every quality of dog foods.
I live with my husband and my dogs and cat happily in Western Pa. Those lucky so and so's have it pretty good if I do say so myself. lol.

Before i got Sarge, I have to admit I didn't think too much about the dachshund breed. Well, I am hooked now. Even though mine is half poodle, I just love all the ones I meet.

So hello.


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We love mixes here too! (Poodles are a fav. of mine!)

I also didn't like the breed very much until I fostered (fail!) Mouse... Now I have 2!