Missconceptions about the breed?


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On Animal planets Dogs 101 they said that dachshunds are great apartmentdogs and could be trained to go in the kittylitter because they dont need exercies or outdoorlife.

I think this is a big missunderstandig of the breed. Yes not all dachshunds are still huntingdogs but they definitley need exercies and activitys, mainley because of their backproblems. To have a healthy dog, and most important for dachshunds, can prevent many diseases. All dogs need to be healthy.

I was very sad to see this episode of Dogs 101, wich I enjoy watching.

I dont want more dachshunds to have a boring indoor life with few moments outside, overwaight and with lots of behaviourproblems. Our beloved doxis have enough bad reputation (in sweden at least) where they are seen as biting, disobedient. But thats not true, right?

Please keep our breed healthy and happy by contradict these missconseptions.

/Love my healthy doxie!


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OMG! :( That's so sad. Animal planet should definitely update their knowledge on the breed. No one should teach their dogs to pee in the house!!! Even chihuahuas need their excercise....

Cool pics btw. :) I think Manu and Alf would be best friends. :)
I saw that and was annoyed by it too. Most Doxies need just as much exercise as a "big dog", and almost no one realizes that:mad:
Terrible! As soon as I saw the post about the Dogs 101 program I went to the Animal Planet web site. At the bottom I found a "viewer relations" link. I found a way to submit a comment about the program and did so, commenting that it would be "unspeakably cruel" if Milo could not get out for walks and full-out runs.
Yes, they need to update their opinions and it can't hurt to try to make that happen.
Exactly! Dachses are a hunting breed from the beginning, even if they are not all hunting today they still have the need to exercies alot! Even if they not always want that for themselves (some are lazy ;) they still need someone to take them for walks and run so they can stay healthy!
Here is what I heard from Animal Planet. I realize it is just a brush-off form letter but you never know when you might get someone's attention or educate even just one person. I hope others will take a couple of minutes to contact them about that program.

"Thank you for contacting Animal Planet.

We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to write us regarding Dogs 101
and for bringing this matter to our attention. Please know that we will
take your comments under advisement.

Thank you for expressing your interest in our programming."
I actually think that's a misconceptions about *any* dog. They all need their exercise, no matter what the breed. There was a Cesaer show recently about a women in NYC who kept her Yorkies in an apartment 24-7. That's just wrong, for any breed - and by the way, not good for the human, either!
So true!! All dogs need exercise. I just reacted to a TV show TELLING people that it was ok to keep them inside.
That is awful. Lottie runs every day with my GSP's and covers as much ground as they do. In fact today she covered more as she took off across a silage field after scent. Half the time I couldn't see her in the long grass. Dogs must get so frustrated not being able to exercise no wonder there are so many with problems. :(
Yes it is so sad. And not only causes health problems, they get understimulated and starts doing bad things just to have someting to do.
I am in an apartment and my little guy does great. My neighbors didn't know I had him til they saw me walking him and one if my neighbors complains about EVERYTHING. But I do walk him daily, at least 30 minutes in the afternoon.
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Reg gets three what I call 'potty runs' which are about 5-10 minutes each, because it has been so hot. Now that its cooling off those will be a little longer. I do see a difference when I'm not able to exercise him daily, we had a hurricane through here at the end if August and I couldn't really walk Reg cause the storm sat over us for two days. He had a lot of pent up energy that I tried a expel by play time. It just wasn't the same, he needs and loves his walks,