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Hey everyone as i guys know my little 3 monthold puppy got parvo last month! We took her to the vet imeadiately and for more than a week there was no sing of her getting bEtter, i did everything the vet did she was hospitalized and nothing! I finally decided to take her home and take care of her my self! I researched online and found about parvaid! Got it and imwdiately gave it to her a few hours after she started eating and drinking! I was amazed! Has anyone used parvaid here? I dont know if ut was the meds or this parvaid but my puupy us eating drinking! No more vomiting or diarea just slowly recovering!

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So good to see her looking like a cute puppy again! :) I haven't eard of parvaid, but the best thing is that you found help. :) I think it might also help that she's at home with you and all the familiar smells and places. Good luck! I hope she makes a full recovery!