Mast Cell Tumor


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I am curious, has anyone ever dealt with Mast Cell Tumor in their dog(s) before? Or does anyone know anything about it that is not on a website? Just got my Dog (Baby) back from the Emergency Vet for another allergic reaction (number 5 in three weeks) to antibiotics that she has been on because of a tooth infection. I'm pretty sure she has a Mast Cell Tumor because she shows all of the classic signs of it. Wishing she wouldn't have it but I know what the blood work is going to say.:(

Nina aka babysis
So sorry to hear of Baby's troubles, Nina. I am not familiar with the problem, so no help there. But I'm sending prayers and healing thoughts for your little one...
Our Sophie has been getting them since about three or four years ago its just a part of their genetic code and there's nothing (unfortunately) we can do, she got the first one and has a big scar on her right hind leg then about a year after that she got another now she has another scar on her front side of the left hind leg. We are pretty sure she is growing another one now. We talked to our vet and he said that she will be getting them for the rest of her life and there is no cure for it, he also said that it shouldn't effect her mood or behavior but I still worry about it. I hope your baby is ok and I hope it's not a Tumor. Good luck. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1351467541.632157.jpg
Sophie after her first surgery, happy to be home and tired from the meds.
Thanks for the thoughts and Prayers- that is much appreciated. I know I have been Praying to make sure she isn't in pain (and to find out what is going on.) She (Baby) has never had anything like this- if that's what it is. I'm pretty sure that she does have the Mast Cell Tumor but we can't locate anything that meets the eye. She was on antibiotics and is allergic to many medicines and had shown 90% of the allergic reactions to the meds. She has been this way since she was a pup (with allergies). But what is good so far is that there is no signs of allergic reactions today and she is getting under my feet as usual. :)

Ohh poor Sophie! Yes from the pic she looks like she is glad to be home!

Thanks All for the in-put. Much appreciated.
Thanks for the good and healthy vibes! Found out, it is not a Mass Cell Tumor- for one the vet couldn't find any types of tumors on her body and tests came back negative. They are "baffled."