Loving dogs and blankets


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Hey everyone,

I was wondering if other dachshunds are very loving like mine. He is very loveable. He follows me where ever I go. He does make my day though. Also, do other dachshunds sleep under blankets ?? Both my dogs sleep under the covers. I would think they would get hot since they have fur.


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Bella is really loving and very affectionate, she is always following me everywhere and loves cuddles, shewags her tail with excitment and gives me little kisses, weve only had her 2 weeks but its like having a child i cant remember a time she wasntpart of the family already :)


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Bernie is 5 months old he is a mini wire and loves to sleep upside down in your arms. Just like a baby :)

He still prefers to be where I am, but is now starting to venture into other rooms without me, but as soon as I move anywhere he is under my feet.:rolleyes:

He has fleecy blankets aound the house in the various beds but doesn't lay under them but uses them as a pillow. He sleeps flat out on his side not in a little ball like my GSD X


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Hi all!
Molly and Sam are very lovable. Since puppies we have taken them everywhere with us....and they are very social. Just friendly with everyone and everyone in turn loves them.
Funny enough..they both sleep under the covers..and I mean way under the covers. Gotta wonder how they both breath but .....they are still alive! and this is how they have slept for over a year! I met another doxie owner at the dog park a week or so ago and she mentioned to me that hers sleeps under the covers as well.
So..for me and my husband..that makes 2 cats and 2 doxies on the bed.
Gotta love them!


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under covers

Both of our boys sleep under the covers. they have blankies around the house that they will burrow under. When they are chilly, they remind us of heat seeking missiles, they go right for the heat source...us!!! :D They also have their own bed pillows that are around the house as well.