Long overdue photo spam!


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So we got our precious little "devil" in August but i haven't had the time, since we ended up moving 2 weeks later to play "OMG LOOK AT MY PUPPY HE'S SO CUUUUUTE!!!" until now...

So here, is out little Lufi :) Nickname "Piglet" Why? because he eats EVERYTHING lol

Lufi got half way up the stairs, then got confused...

favourite nap spot after a play in the park...

happy pup at the park

I like carpet and tile...

First Day we got him home


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What a cutie! My little Yorkie used to sleep the same way in the car till he finally got a litle to big now he sleeps on the console between the seats. Actually they all fight for that spot so you never know who will be there.


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Charmer hates car rides, he'd rather be on your lap lollufi will find all the strangest things to sleep on

Thanks everyone :)