Long Haired Puppy Coat Question


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Hi all,

This may be a silly question, but I am new to the Dachshund world.
I have a 16 wk old Long Hair. When we first got him, at 9 wks, his hair was so soft and fluffy. About 2 weeks ago I noticed his hair, not so soft anymore, was thinning some around his shoulders. As the days went by he started looking sort of scruffy and was shedding quite a bit with some places so thin I could see his skin.
He does have longer smoother hair on his head, neck, and shoulders that isn't shedding at all.

We thought it just looked like little Luke was blowing his puppy coat and growing in his big boy coat, but couldn't find anything on the Internet that said Long Haired Dachshunds do this.

So I emailed his breeder. She said this was not normal and seemed concerned. After a few emails back and forth I assured her he did not have fleas and has been eating good food. She said it would probably resolve itself...

So my question is are the Long Haired puppies coats supposed to do this? Have any of you had similar experiences?

Here are a few pics from this week that show Luke's coat, his back looks funny in one but it's just how he was standing. That was only his second adventure on the deck.



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Yep, I would check his diet. And if that's ok, then I'd consult a vet. Even if it was puppyhair changing, he's to young for that. My longhaired lost his puppyhair when he was almost a year old and it didn't shed. One day he just looked all grownup. :)

Btw, your puppy is SOOO cute!! I love that color. :)


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I would also recommend a trip to the vet. maybe your pup is allergic to something?

What do you feed him? you may think it's a decent diet, but it might not be as good as you think.


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Well I hate to hear that this is not normal...
It REALLY does just look like normal coat changing that I have seen over the years with other breeds. My mom has a grooming shop, so I have seen many breeds throughout my life.
And like I said my reason for asking was that I couldn't find anywhere that said Long Haired Dachshunds do this.

Luke has been eating Nature's Variety Instinct since the first few weeks we had him. He ate Raw for the first 2 weeks, as there was an issue with getting him to eat and he was so tiny that he would run down if he didn't eat. He was just over 2 lbs at 9 wks. So he got a bite of plain yogurt or cottage cheese in between meals and Raw Chicken or Beef three meals a day. Once he was on a good meal schedule we transitioned him back to kibble with Nature's Variety Instinct Boost, it has freeze dried Raw bits. He has been eating this since then, for about 6 weeks. With a nibble of Blue Small Breed Puppy and Fromm Puppy here and there. There has been no new change in his diet. Same treats, same brand of food as well as the same bag. I know sometimes foods are a bit different from bag to bag.
It still might be a food issue though. What other brands do you recommend?

Luke's Mamaw gave him a good bath and blow drying in her shop a couple days ago. This really helped the looks of his coat. All the hair that is falling out is fuzzy and a lighter color. What is left is longer smooth, shiny, darker hairs that are not shedding out at all. He actually has very little left of the hair that is shedding out. Just a few tuffs here and there on his sides. The rest is smooth and shiny and not coming out. Again looks like a puppy blowing their puppy coat...

My Aunt has raised Poms and Shelties and Luke's coat looks similar to what her pups do when they blow their puppy coats.
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From what I've heard, that's a pretty high quality food. He's also way young for food allergies, they general manifest at 6 months MINIMUM. Maybe an environmental allergy?


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I would try adding fish oil to his diet or finding a fish based dog food formula. Fish is great for coats.

Other than that, a vet trip may be in order.


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I'm not sure about an environmental allergy either. Nothing in his little world has changed lately. If the leaves had started falling I would say it might be that, but ours aren't even turning yet. I know leaves and fresh cut grass bother my little Schnauzer.

There is fish high up in the ingredients list on his food, but I still may add a bit of fish oil to his diet. It would be great for his coat, thanks.

His coat is a bit different every day... He is still shedding out the old hair and new hair is growing back, fast. All the hair that is growing back in is like the hair I described on his neck and shoulders. It's silky, smooth, and shiny. I can no longer see his skin showing through, like the pictures above.

I guess like his breeder said, it would work its self out.

I will let you know how this continues and hopefully be able to post you all a picture of him with a full shiny, silky coat.