Leaving 8 week old puppy dachshund with year old dachshund


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Just got another dachshund last week. He will be 8 weeks tomorrow. In the past few days with my wife or I have been able to be home with them. This is the first day they will be alone since we got the little dog. On my wife's sunvh break she is coming home to let them out and check up on them for a short time. Don't know what to expect but we separated them both. The little dog has the kitchen and his bed, his food, and his water. We have a pee-pad in there for him as well. 90% of the time he has gone right to the pee-pad when he has to go. The reason we separated them is because they like to wrestle. But the big dog sometimes smashes the little dog and hurts him. And the little dog bites the big dog, including on the genitails. Yesterday we discovered the big dogs genitails were cut and slightly bruised. Called the vet and they told us how to help it heal but in the meantime we have to correct the little dog everytime he bites. He doesn't try to hurt he just has really really sharpe teeth and doesn't quite know it. So we separated them for safety when no1 is there to supervise. But in worried they will both be barking/crying the entire day being blocked off from one another. They do honestly love each other. My neighbor who is retired said he will let me know when I come home if the dogs were quiet or not. If they were, awesome. But if they weren't I need to figure something out. The whole reason we got this dog was to help cure our first dogs seperation anxiety. If he still barks idk what to do. I'm sure if they were both in the same room they would be fine and not bark. But that's currently no possible due to the fact they play rough and can hurt each other accidentally. Any suggestions until the little dog gets bigger and knows not to bite and is big enough to not be smashed?