Last Time..


This is the last time I leave my closet door slightly open while I'm in the shower. Is this puppy behavior or is this my dismal future?



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My boy Jax, 2 months old, is starting the habbit of shoe chewing! I know how you feel. I keep correcting him and giving him his chew toys, yet he still goes to the shoe :( Going to be a long road ahead lol.


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I remember when sadie and daisy were puppies they chewed and destroyed everything in sight that went away. Now Linus my 6 month old puppy does the same. If I leave shoes paper anything around he will tear it into a million pieces. Puppies are so destructive.


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I guess I'm really lucky. Mouse never chewed anything but toys... though I had to keep her in stuffies to disembowel...

Of course I did get a nice, custom, dachshund-sized hole in my MATTRESS!!!

Gotta love-em :)


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Oh gosh! You mentioning your mattress reminds me of what my black lab did to my moms bed lol

She had a water bed, one with the tubes and the foam between the top lining and the tubes. One day we left for somewhere (don;t know where it was almost 10 years ago) When we came back, the foam was completely gone! He ate it, not a sign of it anywhere *sign* that was the last straw for my mom. Ended up having to find a home for him :(

He had chewed and swallowed.. toys, clothes, stuff animals, ice (his favorite haha), his plastic food bowl (ended up switching to medal and he tried chewing those) and everything else in the house.

Back then I was a noobie when it came to dog training, so I had no idea how to correct that, and my mom had a disorder that ate up her energy, so she didn't have much time for that after working.


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I have read that our smell in shoes or t-shirts ... is attractive to dogs and cats :) Maybe he liked them to much? ;)

Sorry for your loss of the shoe.

We are lucky, Alf has never ever even looked at our shoes. We have his bones lying around so he dont has to take them. Or, we just dont smell that good :D


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Oh no! Well, I think that is a puppy-thing. :) Our youngest had a house decorating phase last summer. He chewed some floor-lists, panels around our backdoor and even panel around a window. :D The good thing is that he did this in only one room...