Lasers for back pain relief?

The lady who works at the local Dry Cleaners has a dachshund, and she often visits with my wife about the dogs.

Today, she told Kathy that her dachshund was having back pain, and so she took her dog to a local vet. The vet did laser therapy on the dog. She said she could tell when the laser hit the area that was affected because the dog immediatly relaxed.

The dog is now fine, no crate rest, but please be careful to not let the dog jump as much as the dog was jumping before! :eek:

Anyone hear of this miracle cure for dachshunds?


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I've (obsessively) researched the best canine orthopedic vets in the South East, and found University of Florida to be the best. When I checked them out online there were several mentions of laser therapy. I will definitely consider it if Nola ever has back issues