Kaiyah & mom in St Louis


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Hi everyone!
Kaiyah came to me yesterday and I love her to bits! She is a dachshund silky terrier mix. Sbe had her vet check today and got some shots. she gets car sick though:-(. Will she out grow this? I hope so. But she is my sweetums. She so wants to play with heer brother Tank (shar pei basset mix), but he has to learn to play gentle. Lol.

She won't sleep until my lap is available. We both will have a rough day tomorrow when I leave her to go to work:-( Any way hello all from Kaiyah, Tank and mom (taraji).


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Hello and welcome! :)
The car sickness might pass, but you could take her to short car rides weekly to get her used to it. And make sure you don't feed her anything before you go for a ride. :)

My dachshund loves to sleep on my lap also. Esp. when i'm on the computer. ;)


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Hello. In sweden we have car-sick-pills for humans wich you can use on dogs to, but i smaller bits. You could ask the vet if there are any meds for her?

Our dog cant be left alone for more than 2 hours and he is 2 years old now. We have dog watchers when we go to work so he doesnt get anxouis. Good luck with your dogs.