Just a hello

:p:pJust wanting to say hello from northeastern Ohio. We have two furry miniature dachsunds that real we adore. We have no real children, but these two little one's suite us just fine. I wouldn't trade them for anything.

1. This is Heinz, we call him Heinnie, he is 6 years old, a double dapple, he is the best little puppy boy I could ever ask for.

2. This little one is Ressi cup, we call her Ressi, we should have named Pharnia, like the fish with teeth everywhere. She is 9 months old miniature dachsund, a brindle. She is a sweet teddy bear at times then turns into a Grizzley Bear. But we love her.
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Welcome! Your dogs are beautiful! I have a Double Dapple as well, and soon, i will have another! Both the one I have now, and the little rescue boy on the way are deaf and sight impaired, due to their colour.... I love the Double Dapples, but only because I adore deaf dogs! Here are my two!

This is Mouse, my almost 2 year old little girl

and soon to be my 6 year old boy, yet to be named:
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Oh what cutties your puppy kids are. I seen that you was tyring to come up with a name for your new puppy boy. I will try to think of something, have you came up with any so far? Thanks for sharing.