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Hello everyone! My name is Vanessa, (Nessa)
I've loved Dachshunds my whole life... my first Dachshund was like a brother to me. Bingo was my life, we grew up together... I was only 8 years old and he was only 10 weeks old (and born blind with corneal dystrophy). In 2010, a few days from my 23rd birthday and a month away from his 15th birthday... we had to send him over the Rainbow Bridge.

I knew I could never live without a Dachshund in my life, but decided to wait a year before bringing another one into my family. Bingo was all I ever knew when it came to Dachshunds. My fiance and I moved in to our own place last July, and in November... exactly a year and 1 day after Bingo crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Junior the red dapple boy came into our lives. He really is something else! Such a little blessing! He is now 5 months old and 15lbs of energy. In all we have 3 babies, Junior the red dapple Dachshund, Callahan the Merle Great Dane, and Guera the Schanuzer mix... all rescues <3

Well I have soooo many photos to share, is there a photo section, specifically for photo threads? Or should I just post more in the Puppy section? So happy to be here!
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Welcome!!! You have quite a fur family! I also rescue and have 5 rescues in my home, 2 of which are deaf and sight impaired double dapple Mini Dachshunds. but all my dogs together probably dont weigh as much as your dane! LOL


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There's no specific picture section, but there is the gallery. I just post pics in whichever section seems most appropriate :)