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Hi, I was just curious if anyone would have an idea as to what might be going on with one of my doxies? It started a couple hours ago. He started itching at the back of his neck like crazy. I clipped the hair and washed the effected area good with some sulfadene shampoo and put some of the yellow liquid sulfadene on there as well. I kept an eye on him and he continued to scratch so I then gave him some liquid benadryl in hopes that it would sooth the itching. It hasn't, so I cleaned the spot again and put on some spray benadryl and still no improvement he's still walking around whining and scratching.

Since I've washed it, it does seem to be less red now. But he still seems really itchy. My last try was with some calamine lotion. He screamed like crazy when I put this on, which I never heard of calamine stinging. I thought that maybe being so raw from scratching it might have stung? I just don't know what to think of it right now because none of my other three doxies are itching at all. I've been through him with a fine toothed comb and didn't see a single flea on him. I don't think it's mange because there's no bumps or oozing. Just inflamed from him scratching.

Does anyone know what this could be? There's been no change in diet, no new shampoo or deodorant sprays, nothing new on the carpet, no new toys and nothing new in the environment except that I just brought home two ferrets three days ago. I'm lost on what this might be. Could he after three days become allergic to the ferrets? :confused:
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Wow that sucks! I have no idea. It's possible he could be allergic to the ferrets, but also possible he encountered an allergen outside, or was bit by some sort of insect. Poor guy :(

Just keep doing what your doing, and hopefully it clears up. If not I'd get him to a vet.
I'm going to give him a full body bath later today. I want to check the pet store for anything else I can do for the itching. The calamine seems to be soothing it a little at least and the redness is almost completely gone now. If he's still itching by Tuesday I'm going to bring him into the vet, but until then there's no vet around that's open. Going to keep it up, it might help because he doesn't seem AS bad as he was last night. Thank you for your reply! :)
Nope the only one of the dogs that has had direct interaction with them is my standard Alex and he's fine. Only interaction Nikolai has had with them is by their cage. I called the vet's office yesterday and they told me to keep it washed with some antibacterial shampoo and spray it with gentamicin topical antibiotic spray to help him until Tuesday. I've been doing what they said three times a day, but he's still scratching at it. This morning I noticed a little bit of pus and oozing so I washed it really good and put the meds on it.

About two hours ago I noticed some lifted tissue and thought it might be his skin sloughing so I put him in the tub and irrigated it really good and it turned out to be a big scab. I'm letting it air dry a little before I add more meds to it. He seems to be more refeshed now but is still a little itchy. Not as much as before but it's still present. :(
The bath seems to have helped, he's been resting comfortably all evening. I think maybe the scab was making the sore itchy. I'm going to cover it up tonight with some ointment and see if that helps the skin heal faster. But overall he seems to be getting a little better. :)