Is your doxie bossy?


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I told a friend that I am adopting a mini-doxie, dapple long coat puppy and she said "Oh no! Doxies are the bossyist dogs in the world". Although I fostered a mini-doxie for a few months I've never raised one. Do you think they are bossy?


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They certainly can be. but if given proper rules, training and socialization, they're awesome dogs. I rescued a 6.5 year old Doxie who is deaf and sight impaired, with major resource guarding... it only took 4 weeks to cure him of it using positive methods only.

Some advice for you

1- never take anything high value away from your dog, (trade them for it), that leads to resource guarding

2- make your new puppy work for everything it considers valuable (petting, couch time, food treats) make him/her sit, or lay down or shake etc.

3- do not force train, or use dominance methods on your pup, it will often lead to behaviour problems and/or fear

4- socialize the heck outta your pup, pass him/her off to people for a cuddle, hand them treats to give her/him, let him/her play with other dogs, but make sure they dont hurt him/her expose the pup to many different situations, and give LOTS of positive feedback for appropriate behaviour

5- protect the pup's back, do not let him/her go down stairs or jump off of furniture.

6- lots of regular exercise, starting with short walks when really young (approximately 15 mins for each month of age after 2 months is all they can handle)


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Thank you!

That's very helpful advice. We'll be doing lots of walks as the weather is so nice right now. I have 2 chihuahuas who need walking also. The breeder wanted me to pick him up at 6 weeks old but I'm paying extra to let him stay with his mom until he's 8 weeks. I think that extra 2 weeks will give his mom time to teach him some good doggie manners. Then I'll finish the job for the rest of his sweet life. I'll post pictures when I figure out how to do that.